Gmail to ProtonMail to iCloud Mail

My email account journey: Free to Freemium to Premium

I went from using free product with no data privacy (Gmail) to freemium product with full privacy/security (ProtonMail) to premium product with full privacy/security/ecosystem (Custom Email Domain on iCloud Mail) As many others, I am one of the initial Google Mail (Gmail) users, who signed-up on Gmail through invite-only access around the year of 2004. As a Gmail user, I was happy with Gmail which gave me a lot of free perks until when I realized that free Gmail comes with the toll of privacy & security (Google have access to all my private to confidential or important data).

On December 2015, I have purchased a separate domain to privately host and manage my personal communications (email, calendar, etc.) with complete data protection and privacy. After a few days of online research, I have decided to purchase Proton’s Mail Plus plan and migrated my emails from Gmail to ProtonMail. I have liked using ProtonMail due to data privacy and security, except few quirks (as of Nov-2022) such as calendar files attachment are not working well in Mac/iPhone, my work network keep blocking ProtonMail’s Web app to send emails. Moreover, Proton’s products (Mail, Calendar, etc.) have not been well integrated with the Apple iCloud ecosystem, which I would like to stay within.

On November 2022, I have decided to move from ProtonMail to iCloud Mail (Custom Email Domain), which is part of iCloud+ subscription with no additional cost. Adding existing domain in Custom Email Domain on iCloud+ including DNS values setup with domain registrar (mine is Cloudflare) were easy and straightforward. However, migrating existing emails from ProtonMail to iCloud Mail was not easy as there was no option to import emails automatically. I have had to create a ticket with the Apple support (phone call with them for around 96 minutes) to troubleshoot the issue. Finally, with the guidance of Apple support (a big thanks), I have followed the below (manual!!) steps on Mac and successfully migrated (or copied) all my emails from ProtonMail to iCloud Mail:

That’s all! you should be all set to send/receive emails from your iCloud Mail within Apple iCloud ecosystem.